We close the gap between Enterprise IT and New Technologies.

Zoi is the digital companion of the so-called hidden champions. And the not so hidden one. We create innovative solutions. Our heart beats for Code, Cloud, Data, Electronic Engineering, Creation and Exploration.

About us
Zoi stands short for
Zero One Infinity

Zoi stands for Zero One Infinity. Zero, one, infinity - an essential paradigm of IT and electronics. Zoi focuses fully on the use of the cloud in the enterprise environment as well as new technologies and software development.

0 and 1: The basis of IT. Zoi bears the 0 and 1 in its name: Zoi: Our digital DNA.

We are a team of over 80 technologists. Nerds. Together we advise and support our well-known customers in challenging IT and technology projects. Zoi is new and yet already has a history: Since 2004 we have been working together as a team of technologists, outboard thinkers, creative people and consultants.

Zoi Team

At Zoi you will meet many familiar faces. In summer 2017 we started with a team of 20 people. We scrutinized ourselves and started all over again.

Zoi is the nerdy employer for this region. We founded Zoi because we simply did not see any comparable company.

Zoi comes from Stuttgart and we are committed to the strengths of the region. To the companies and corporations. To the industry and the "Mittelstand". That's why you'll find our headquarter right in the middle of the former Cannstatter industrial mile in Stuttgart.

We combine entrepreneurial spirit, solid entrepreneurship, enthusiasm for technology and implementation competence. Our team is international and truly diverse. No lip service.

Life is full of choices. Yes or no. 1 or 0. Try and learn. If we decide to do something: Then we do it right!

We combine new technologies, tools and methods with implementation competence and the challenges of our customers. And when we do something, we do it right. As we have always done.

The executive board of Zoi is represented by Benjamin Hermann and Dr. Daniel Heubach. Together with their partners, Steffen Ivanowitsch, Simon Meraner and Wolfgang Baudendistel they further develop Zoi.

Our technological play instinct is unbroken. We are growing with experienced minds at our locations in Stuttgart, Berlin and Lisbon. We focus fully on our customers. We work in partnership on challenging projects in Germany and beyond: Guiding Digital Champions.

Ned nur des.

We don't believe that we can only solve our customers' challenges with technology and from home. We take internationalization very seriously. Growing internationally together with our customers. But not to gain access to new markets.

No, we are focusing on cultures and talents. That's why more than 25% of our new colleagues already come from outside the EU. Because we believe that this will take us further. Auch zu Hause in Stuttgart.

The real Cloud
is public

You want to bring your company into the public cloud? We bring together the paradigms of enterprise IT and the benefits of the public cloud. In our proven approach, we work with you and your colleagues to identify the approaches that fit your needs - at all levels of enterprise IT. We have been successfully bringing companies of all sizes into the public cloud since 2013.

We concentrate not only on the technologies but also on processes, tools and methods. And the most important thing: We go the way together with our customers' employees.

We speak your language - almost all of our employees have extensive experience with the IT of large companies.

At the beginning of cloud onboarding, we show you possible uses of the public cloud, for example in the areas of networks, platforms, identity & access management (IAM), security, backup, monitoring and operation.

We then develop a Cloud Blueprint for you. Based on this overview, we work with you and your staff to build the cloud provider structures - using our best practices, of course.

Guiding Digital Champions

Our customers are mostly market leaders in their industries. We are proud of that. For our joint work, for example, we already received the "Develop the Best" Award from AWS in 2015. We are the only team in the German-speaking region to date. And yes, in 2018 we even received another award from AWS: For supporting the transformation of German Mittelstand enterprises.

Cloud Infrastructure Onboarding

Business hacking and flexible IoT platforms: No "all-in" about a single platform - staying flexible is essential! Use our model to create IoT and BigData architectures or to extend your data center into the public cloud. Or whatever your company has in mind: We are happy to help.

DevOps and Automatization

Innovations require new architectural principles: The symbiosis of IT architecture and software development enables greater IT automation. Our work in the area of Infrastructure as Code not only shapes the public cloud of our customers, but also finds its way back to the classical data center.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Electronic Engineering

Sure, we focus on software. For years we have been working with technologies from the public cloud and we have already implemented several successful IoT projects with our customers. But we want to go even further and not only inspire with scaling software systems: We build the bridge between IT architecture, software development and electronic engineering. Not somewhere or with partners. No, directly with Zoi.

We develop software.

We write cheerful software. Sometimes simple but sometimes complex if necessary. For large companies using new technologies, methods and tools. But never off the peg. We are not only interested in the supposed problem but also in the process and the customer benefit. We simply like to solve problems - and we like to make use of the possibilities of the public cloud.

We are enthusiastic about customer added value but also about process flows. For modern IT architectures and for data. And we understand electronic engineering. Together with our customers we not only move between web, app and SAP but also combine software development, public cloud and electronic engineering. And Creation provides us with the customer's point of view.

When developing software, we pay special attention to the scalability of the architecture - especially on the basis of web technologies and cloud infrastructures.

We love code. From zero to one infinity: Our competence ranges from Web to SAP.

Agile methods of software development and project management are as self-evident for us as platform flexibility. By the way, we prefer to develop new solutions and adapt existing systems together with our customers: Partnership as a team.

The customer's point of view.

Creation for us is the combination of functionality, usability and emotionality from the customer's point of view. This is why the creative process begins with a digital customer journey. Listening, understanding and recognizing the unique: in companies as well as their customers.

All applications we create ensure that functional and technical requirements are compatible with a well thought-out user experience and design. With our enthusiasm for technology, we create unique experiences in the form of websites, e-commerce systems, apps and smart product scenarios. These require a wealth of innovative, tailor-made and digital solutions. But all this needs to be thought through to the end. From the user story, iterative to the marketable product.

Digital Customer Journey: Listening, understanding and recognizing the unique.

In the creative process, our imaginative team works with enthusiasm and entrepreneurial courage. Always with the strategic approach in mind and one goal in focus: excellence. It's not always about big or small ideas, it's about the right ideas and implementing them as authentically and pertinently as possible.

Artificial Intelligence
for us the new electricity

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already behind interactions with many central digital services. When Alexa turns on the lights, when we ask Google for directions, when we receive film recommendations from Netflix, or when we receive a fraud warning from our bank about a credit card transaction, these interactions are performed by intelligent computer systems based on data volume analysis.

And this is just the beginning. Just as electricity changed the way the world works more than 100 years ago, so AI is beginning to develop a similar effect. We see areas of application for AI everywhere. For example, in logistics, the health and transport sectors and, of course, in production.

Just as electricity has changed our lives, there is hardly an industry conceivable in which AI will have no impact in the coming years.

We build data-driven applications using data science and machine learning. Our goal is to develop intelligent solutions that function as central building blocks in the enterprise IT of our customers.

And no, we don't sell you a license to perform miracles. We use smart code and cloud power to work with you to learn from your data. And to achieve first results quickly.

Internet of Things
Flexible platforms are trumps!

The topic Internet of Things (IoT) is in most cases less about sophisticated technology and more about intelligent recombination and integration of data and processes. We are firm believers that flexible platforms are the key to success - individually composed of services and components, e.g. from the public cloud.

In times of fast innovations and rapid developments, particularly comprehensive standard solutions and concretely defined requirements are less important. Flexibility and high technology availability are much more important.

Industry-specific protocols, gateways and special hardware are also often particularly relevant. That is why we are always dealing with corresponding components in order to cover not only the software but also the hardware.

We look at the hardware and software. That's why we develop flexible architectures without unnecessary ballast.

We would be happy to talk to you about various customer projects and case studies that we have already created in the area of IoT.

Technologies inspire

We work closely with our partners. In this way we ensure that we are always up to date with the latest innovations and that we master them as early as possible after availability. Above all, our customers benefit because we can develop the best architectures and scenarios.

Powerful technology partners - always independent

Independence is very important to us. Like no other. We choose our partners carefully and we do not resale. Our customers can therefore always be sure that our recommendations really contain the right solutions and technologies.

Zoi Partner AWS
Zoi Partner Google
Zoi Partner Alibaba
Zoi Partner Microsoft Azure
Zoi Partner LeanIX
Zoi Partner Contentful

Our cloud partners include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud. In the area of enterprise architecture projects we work together with the architecture tool LeanIX. And what we build using Contentful, you're sure to have your ears on it: language is the key.

Grow with us

Zoi, these are clever, well-rehearsed minds from the fields of information technology and business. But also lateral entrants from mathematics, biology or physics complement our synergistic team, which is headquartered in Stuttgart and looks back on a long history and a great experience despite the young foundation of the company.

With us, everyone assumes responsibility right from the start.

Each individual has his or her own individual competence profile. Instead of rigid structures, we work in changing teams that are made up of our job profiles. For you, this means a great exchange with colleagues and thus a constant learning curve. Apart from the projects we carry out with our customers, we encourage regular professional exchange.

Technological play instinct is very important to us.

This results in exciting insights that we use again and again with our customers. That's why you can use part of your working time to try out new technologies. Anyway: You determine your place of work and your working hours yourself as far as possible. You can also use your company notebook and mobile phone for your private purposes. And we do a lot more for you. Some say: More than anybody.

We know that we are strongest together and that any idea can be the beginning of something big. That's why we live flat hierarchies and build on the competence of each individual. We are proud of the growth of our team and are open to every new encounter. And just as in our technological approach, our internal focus is on people and their development. That is why we are always on the lookout for exciting characters who will further enrich our team. If work means learning for you and you are looking for the freedom to develop yourself and your skills - then Zoi will be more than just a job for you. Some say we're a family business. That doesn't seem too far off from the truth.

Help shape Zoi.

Help shape the success of our company at your own pace. This works best in interdisciplinary teams, but also in direct contact with our customers, with really flexible working hours and team events apart from bowling alleys. But sometimes we also go bowling.

Everything is relative. Not only Einstein knew that. You absolutely want to get to know us and convince us, even if you don't meet all the requirements? Either way: We are curious.


We are on the road throughout Germany - and beyond. We have our origin in Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. We are represented there with our headquarters. We also have other locations in Berlin and Lisbon. And there is more to come. You bet! We don't believe that we can solve our customers' challenges at home.

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